Slow Growth This Spring

Slow growth of grasses has been a common complaint this spring. There are many factors that can cause this but cool dry weather has been a major factor this year.

Slow growth of turf can be due to many factors but cool dry weather has been important this spring.

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Risks to Soils and Plants from Saltwater Flooding

As you might expect, we are receiving questions from county agents, landscapers, and property owners about saltwater flooding effects on soils and plants and the appropriate remediation. The information below may be helpful in answering these questions. (Thanks to Stephanie Murphy for pulling together a lot of this information).

Problems from Saltwater

There are a number of potential problems caused by saltwater including: i) the direct effect of burn (osmotic stress) on plant tissue; ii) dehydration of plants (physiological drought stress) caused by increased osmotic potential in soil; iii) plant damaged by sodium (Na) toxicity; iv) loss of soil structure caused by excessive Na; and v) soil infertility caused by increased soil pH (excessive alkalinity). [Read more…]

Hot and Dry!

Turf going dormant

Non-irrigated turf on Rutgers' Cook Campus going dormant.

Not only has it been hot but soils are getting quite dry throughout New Jersey especially in those areas where rain showers have ‘missed’ and irrigation is not being used regularly. [Read more…]