Disease Activity on Research Plots

Anthracnose disease has become very aggressive during the last week on our Poa annua research plots in North Brunswick NJ (see image below).

A thorough sand topdressing program is able to dramatically reduce the severity of anthracnose. Turf to the left of the blue painted dots has not been topdressed while the turf to the right has received a routine program of topdressing with sand.

Dollar spot disease became very aggressive overnight (18-19 July) on susceptible turfs that were not protected by fungicides. The dollar spot mycelium on the creeping bentgrass plot (left side of image below) is so intense it looks like frost on the turf. The plot to the right has almost no dollar spot; it is a mixture of colonial bentgrass and fine fescue.

The image below shows a closer view of dollar spot mycelium on creeping bentgrass (image below).


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